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As pharmacists we believe in improving people’s health. Unsatisfied with the value and complexity of available supplements, we decided to develop our own range of products with QUALITY, CONVENIENCE and VALUE in mind.

We strongly believe in health benefits achieved by regular nutrient supplementation and we put a lot of time and effort into developing our bespoke supplements tailored to specific needs.

Everyone wants to stay at the top of their game, so we developed products that will get you there in no time: developed by pharmacists, so you can trust that they will provide your body with exactly what it needs.

  • Kasia

    Choosing a pharmacy school was a natural choice for me, strongly supported by my mum, also a pharmacist. I grew up in in her chemist shop, helping her out whenever I could. After graduation I came to the UK and started working in a community pharmacy. During those years I started to realise how helpful my knowledge can be. Every day, patients in my community pharmacy come with smaller and bigger problems and they rely on the pharmacist to help them. Couple of years ago, together with my husband who is also a pharmacist, we started to think about doing something different to what we have done so far. Making our own supplements seemed like a great idea. We could make products that we truly believe in using our pharmacists knowledge and expertise gained while working directly with patients.

    • Alister

      G’day. I was born in 100% pure New Zealand. This is where I grew up and studied pharmacy. I wanted to be a health professional to make a difference to people’s lives. Now I work as a pharmacist, look after a family with 2 young children, travel a lot, like to exercise and do some Kung Fu. Balancing a busy life is rewarding and yet sometimes tiring. My interest in nutritional supplements grew from a desire to be the best I can be. My focus is to combine quality nutrients and deliver complete solutions.

      • Piotr

        I’m a pharmacist and for the last ten years I have worked for a large corporation. My initial role as a pharmacist soon evolved to pharmacy manager then store manager. It was a great learning curve and a fantastic experience.
        Alongside of my career I have always been faithful to my true passion: healthy lifestyle and everything that is associated with it. Balanced diet and regular physical activity was always written in my daily routine.All-round gym workouts plus running are my way to stay fit. Although I am a keen cook, and I try to create well-balanced meals, supplementation is a big part of my diet.
        Having experienced various corporate roles and worked in a community pharmacy, I decided to combine professional experience, education and passion for wellbeing, and start a company designing and selling great supplements… The rest is history: three friends got together and this is how FEELGOOD ISLAND was born.

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