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EU Health claims

What’s not clear to consumers is what EU approved health claims are. There are lots of benefits of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are true but are not allowed to be mentioned. Why? Because EU health claims are set up for general function. Information on health and reducing risk of disease are rejected despite the evidence being available.

Arthritis UK reviewed Omega 3 oils for arthritis because there is some evidence for it helping diseased joints. But no EU food health claim is permitted, so companies resort to adding Vitamin D to Omega 3 food supplements to be able to mention a benefit to joint mobility.

EU health claims are set up to protect Joe public from dodgy claims, that’s fine. But it doesn’t help those looking for natural products to improve their health. If you have a health problem, consult your health professional. Only limitation is that some Doctors and Pharmacists don’t have in-depth knowledge of vitamins and nutrients.

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